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Amino-B Booster - 16 ounce

Amino-B Booster - 16 ounce

AMINO-B BOOSTER® is a liquid protein that provides vital amino-acids! It is essential for bee longevity & BROOD PRODUCTION. It helps fortify overwintered pollen. Use for early spring feeding to build up brood for pollination and to maximize production. Use to rapidly build up packages, nucs and swarms. Use for feeding bees during times of colony dwindling, late winter, mid-summer, dearth’s of nectar and pollen or droughts.

AMINO-B BOOSTER®, providing all necessary amino acids, is a must for QUEEN PRODUCTION: with AMINO-B BOOSTER®, the nurse bees make the highest quality bee milk and royal jelly. During times of poor pollen or late winter, bees can utilize nutrients like protein from their bodies to make royal jelly for brood rearing; however, by doing this, the bees are weakened, and their immune systems degrade because they are not maintaining proper nutrient levels.  This often reduces their longevity and provides an opening for diseases like viruses.

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