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$260 - Complete Beehive WITH BEES INCLUDED

$260 - Complete Beehive WITH BEES INCLUDED

$260 ($100 deposit, $160 due upon pick-up)


Everything you need to get started keeping bees!

You can be ready for the honey season with this complete package. You will get...

5 FRAMES OF ACTIVE BEES! (Laying Marked Queen, and 5 frames of brood, honey, and pollen)
Telescoping top cover
Inner cover
Deep body with 5 extra new deep frames
Bottom board
Entrance Reducer

Equipment is ready for immediate pick-up (if desired) and bees will be available in June 2024 for pick up in Painesville, OH.

**Picture of hive shows one additional deep body available for an extra $19. Many beekeepers like the extra box to use for supplemental feeding but is optional depending on beekeeping style.

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